Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 3 in Washington, D.C.!

Today was an overwhelming day. First, we went to the grand statue where we had a photo shoot with Ms. America in front of the steps to the Capital. Then, we had a luncheon at Capital Hill where some Congressmen attended. I got to meet Senator Shelby. He was extremely nice. I was supposed to meet Senator Sessions, but my appointment was changed to tomorrow. A lady in Senator Session’s named Ms. Paige took my family and I to see the Alabama’s state’s statue of Helen Keller. It is the first statue with braille on it. We rode a train there. I was the first person to read the Braille correctly. I will get to meet Session’s tomorrow. After that we had a pool party where I met up with other Champion kids. We went out for ice cream afterward with the Nevada Champion Family. Today was an excellent day, but tomorrow is going to be full of more surprises. Please read tomorrow to find out more about the surprises that are in store for our last day. They always plan so many special things for us! I have met so many wonderful people on this trip! I cannot thank Children’s Miracle Network and Walmart enough for making our trip so special.

Lindsey with Senator Shelby!

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  1. Awesome Lindsey! I love following your blog and hope you have an awesome trip!