Monday, November 15, 2010

My last day in Disney World!

Our last day was both sad and happy and filled with so much fun. This morning we had breakfast and we exchanged our state pins with other champion kids. Then to all of our surprise we marched into a ball room full of all the sponsors of Children’s Hospitals. We marched into the ballroom in state order, so I was always first since I was Alabama. Anyway, hundreds of people were cheering for us as the song “We are the Champions” was playing and videos were shown of all of us kids. We felt so special. Afterwards, there were tables set up and each champion sat behind there table and autographed books for people as they came by to thank us for what we had done for Children’s Hospitals. It was the neatest thing ever! Tonight I attended a huge Gala formal event. It was absolutely amazing. This was a formal event that Delta Airlines sponsors thanking all the many sponsors that donate money to Children’s Hospitals. There were lots of doctors and important people there. I was recognized as the miracle child and everybody cheered for me when I came out on stage and gave me a standing ovation. I was on stage with Travis Stork from the Doctors tv show and he asked me lots of questions about when I was sick and how I managed to keep such a positive attitude with everything I’ve been through. Then, I got to meet Zach Carter and Josh Carter and we are now texting buddies. I told Mr. John Schneider that I wanted to be a cancer doctor. He arranged for me to have a doctor mentor. He was in the audience and his name is Dr. Bill Sears. He is an oncologist too! I am very excited. He got my e-mail address and gave me his and said that he would be in touch. Then, one last thing, was I met Gary Baker, who is a famous songwriter producer of the Backstreet Boys. He told me to come to his studio and he would like to help me make a CD. This day has brought so much excitement but at the same time I am so sad to leave everyone. I had to say goodbye to a lot of special people. I hope I will see them again real soon. And thanks to CMN and all the many wonderful sponsors that helped to make this trip so special for all of us Champion kids and their families!!

Lindsey and Dr. Bill Sears and his wife (the doctor who is going to mentor Lindsey)

Lindsey in her formal dress before the huge Gala event

Carter Twins (Zach & Josh)

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